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Our Work - Welbodi Partnership

The Welbodi Partnership is working towards a Sierra Leone where all children are living healthy and fulfilling lives with complete and fair access to professional healthcare.


Our Mission is to improve the quality of healthcare for children and mothers in Sierra Leone through the provision of education, training, infrastructure and management support. We work with partners, the government, clinics and hospitals, the communities that they serve and mothers and families to promote a healthcare system that is sustainable and locally-led.


  Why Sierra Leone?

Eleven years since the end of the Sierra Leonean civil war, the country is still in the process of rebuilding. It ranks number one in the child mortality rate index with almost one in five children dying before they reach the age of five and it remains ‘off track’ to achieve Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 by 2015. Children and mothers are dying from avoidable illnesses like diarrhoea and malaria and preventable complications during childbirth and there is a severe lack of doctors and other healthcare professionals and inadequate paediatric training facilities, presenting a significant barrier to effective healthcare delivery. Read about Our Vision here.

Our Aims

  • To ensure that children have access to effective and high quality healthcare that tackles the high rates of child mortality and avoidable illnesses
  • To create and facilitate an environment in which all actors in child health can work collaboratively to address challenges faced now and in the future
  • To work with and share knowledge with local groups and communities on health related matters in order to improve access to high quality healthcare
  • To implement internationally recognised and high quality in-country training programmes that retain and nurture talent and expertise for people who work within the healthcare system
  • To identify gaps in healthcare infrastructure and address these collaboratively with local partners, clinics, hospitals, and the local government



we are committed to keeping our core costs to a minimum and last year over 95% of donors funds were spent on our projects.


Our local partnerships set us apart from other programs


One of our key accomplishments has been the establishment, in partnership with the children’s hospital and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, of the Sierra Leone Institute for Child Health (SLICH), which forms part of the Government of Sierra Leone’s strategic plan for Reproductive and Child Health.


SLICH serves as a funding and oversight board for the children’s hospital, and provides a mechanism for the Welbodi Partnership and our local partners to decide together how to improve the hospital. The hospital staff and management generate both an annual plan and quarterly projects for which they need funding or other support. These plans and projects are reviewed by the SLICH board, comprising representatives from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the children’s hospital, and the Welbodi Partnership, and are funded by the Welbodi Partnership and our donors when the government resources are not sufficient. This board also reviews the monitoring, evaluation, and financial reporting related to these projects.


The development and improvement of the hospital is thus led by those on the ground, and supported by policymakers in government. The process ensures that the limited resources available are used in the best possible way, and helps build the capacity of the hospital management to both propose and implement needed changes, which is crucial to make changes sustainable.

Explore the Children’s Hospital and see some of Our Achievements so far here.