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Our Vision - Welbodi Partnership

The vision of the Welbodi Partnership is that of a Sierra Leone where all children are living healthy and fulfilling lives with complete and fair access to professional healthcare


C hild health is one of the world’s most pressing development challenges, enshrined as one of eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals: to reduce child mortality by two-thirds by 2015. We believe that our work to support quality paediatric care will contribute to meeting these goals by saving the lives of hundreds or even thousands of children in Sierra Leone each year, and by building a stronger, more effective paediatric health system for future generations.

As the statistics below suggest, the challenges we face are great. Our approach to tackling these challenges is guided by the following principles:

Be There For The Long Term
Delivering health care is not a “project” that lasts only a few years. Our work is designed to stimulate lasing change, whether through one-time investments with long-term benefits or ongoing engagement around key issues. As individuals, we need to make a long term commitment to tackle the problem. As an institution, our long term commitment is reflected in our approach to funding. Our aim is to establish an endowment fund for the hospitals with which we work.

Local Ownership
Our work is conceived, designed, led and implemented by local partners. Talking to hospital staff in Sierra Leone, it is clear that they often already know the best solutions to the numerous problems they face, and where they don’t they are the best judges of new ideas. Our role is to coordinate funding, international expertise and local know-how to facilitate improvements in the delivery of health care.

Focus on People
Many interventions in development fail because they ignore the political nature of change. We work to build relationships and consensus with leaders within the Government of Sierra Leone, local health facilities, donors, NGOs and international partners.

Culture of Excellence
The challenges of implementing improvements in paediatric health care in Sierra Leone are enormous. The better our team and partners, the better we will be able to deliver on our ambitious aims. From our own team to our advisors and the partnerships we build, we only work with outstanding people committed to making change happen.

Always Innovate
We continually look to improve our approach, learn from our mistakes, and instil a culture of innovation with our partners. We constantly question the assumptions that underlie our work and the tools that we use, evaluate their efficacy and adapt what we do appropriately.

Key Health Statistics in Sierra Leone:

  • Under-5 Mortality Rate: 182 per 1000 live births, i.e. nearly 1 in 5
  • Under-5 Mortality Rate is the worst in the world
  • Infant Mortality Rate: 117 per 1000 live births, i.e. nearly 1 in 8 again worst in the world
  • Average life expectancy at birth: 45 years
  • UN Human Development Index Global Ranking: 180 out of 187 countries
  • Births attended by skilled health personnel: 63%
  • Poverty rate: 60% of Sierra Leoneans live below international poverty line of US$1.25 per day
  • There are two Paediatricians serving the whole country

Sources: World Bank 2013, Child Info (UNICEF) 2013, UNDP 2012,

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