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Our Team - Welbodi Partnership

The Welbodi Partnership team met in Sierra Leone, and have been working with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and the Ola During Children’s Hospital since June 2007.


Our Directors:


The Welbodi Partnership is led by a group of five directors, all of whom are appointed for a one-year term. This group includes several of our former volunteers who have first-hand experience of our work in Freetown.


Toyin AjayiToyin Ajayi is a Family Physician who first visited Sierra Leone in July 2007 when she spent two months working at the Government Hospital in Kambia District. She served as Medical Coordinator for the Welbodi Partnership from 2008-2009. Toyin has a medical degree from King’s College London School of Medicine, an MPhil in Development Studies from Cambridge University and a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University. Contact

Tom CairnesTom has been working in Sierra Leone since 2004. He is the founder of ManoCap, a private equity fund manager focused on making investments in post-conflict and other emerging economies. He has worked for Lansdowne Partners, a UK-based hedge fund manager focussing on UK equities and as a management consultant for Marakon Associates in London, New York, Amsterdam and Mexico. He has an M.Phil in Development Studies from Cambridge University, and a BA in Human Sciences from Oxford University. Contact

Matthew ClarkMatthew Clark spent an initial six weeks working at the Ola During Children’s Hospital in 2007. Since then he has worked to find ways to support paediatric medicine in Sierra Leone, working fulltime in The children’s hospital for more than six months and coordinating with the Ministry of Health in the formation of the Sierra Leone Institute for Child Health. In the UK he collaborates with international partners. Matthew studied medicine at Cambridge University and has a BSc. from the University of Birmingham. Contact

Ryann ManningRyann served as Coordinator of the Welbodi Partnership from 2007-2009. She lived in Sierra Leone from 2006-2010 and also managed projects for the World Bank and Concern Worldwide. Ryann has worked in international health and development since 2001 and has degrees in public policy from Princeton University and Harvard University. She is currently a doctoral student in Organizational Behaviour at the Harvard Business School, studying organizational change and effectiveness in public sector institutions and international agencies in developing countries. Contact

Emily SpryEmily is a UK General Practitioner and was the Welbodi Partnership Medical Coordinator in Sierra Leone in 2009-2010. She trained at St. George’s Hospital Medical School and has a BA in Psychology and Philosophy from St. Anne’s College, Oxford. She is pursuing an MSc in Public Health in Developing Countries at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Contact