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Neonatal and Maternal Health Project - Welbodi Partnership

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Neonatal and Maternal Health Project

We are very excited to announce a brand new project starting in September!





A bit about the project:

Welbodi Partnership’s maternal and neonatal health project comprises two complementary interventions: engagement with women in the urban communities of the Western Area and health system strengthening initiatives to improve the quality and accessibility of essential obstetric and neonatal healthcare services at PCMH.

Welbodi’s UK-based technical partner, Women and Children First (WCF), has the expertise and experience to provide valuable consultation on the implementation of the community women’s groups. The groups will use a proven methodology, supported by WCF, to engage pregnant and lactating women in participatory learning and action cycles to identify and prioritise problems during pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum and to plan and implement locally feasible strategies to address these problems. Quality Improvement groups will provide a platform for hospital staff at PCMH and three nearby primary health units (PHUs) to discuss barriers to the provision of quality care, and make improvements through projects including but not limited to upgrading medical equipment, supplies, and facilities, in-service training for health workers, and clinical quality improvement interventions.




Interested in being involved?

Check our blog for any positions associated with the grant


We will keep this page updated as the project progresses.